Condolences Westminster Terror Attack in the UK

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Another European capital in shock after a horrifying terroristic attack.  The Westminster Terror Attack took the life of 4 innocent people, 4 people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time.  My heart goes out to their families, to the numerous victims and their relatives, to all the people from London and the United Kingdom.  We will never, can never and shall never get used to the images of and stories about these devastations and horrors. Those attacks touch us in our deepest soul and feelings, because we know and realise that these acts can hurt and touch us or some of our loved ones as well.  At the same time, this common and shared experience strengthens and unites us against  these barbarian acts.  We must stand united and firm, now, and in the future.  This is something we must overcome together, as a nation, as a broad European community, founded on the same norms and democratic values.